He Tono Tautoko ki a MOE .

Noema 7, 2019

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Background – Te Kōtiu – Ngā Kura Kaupapa Māori  o Tai Tokerau . 

Tauira KKM Te Kotiu In 1991 our first KKM in Kaikohe was established led by Renata Tane.

 In 2015 Tumuaki KKM established a regional Kahui Tumuaki Kura Kaupapa Maori initially to network and support each other in a Te Aho Matua educational kaupapa Māori setting.   Although a COL application was turned down due to “geographical distance”, Te Kōtiu has continued and Tumuaki KKM meet once a term.

  2016 Rangiāwhia was closed.  KKM Tai Tokerau were reduced to 8. This action caused great concern, mindfulness and loss within the KKM and wider Maori community. 

  2018, Tututarakihi was formed as a kura peka taiao and are referred to as .5 kura until such time as they gain mana motuhake status- recommended December 2019. Another kura peka has signalled its enthusiasm to start in 2020 within Ngati Kahu.

  2019, Te Tonga o Hokianga after many years of court battle, open their new building at Koutu and change their name to Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Hokianga.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari taku toa he toa takimano 

2019, Te Kōtiu represents :  

  3% of Tai Tokerau students, 1174 tamariki from y 1-13 from Wellsford to Te Hapua;  

  diverse Iwi and hapu from Ngāti Whātua ki Kaipara, Ngāti Hau, Ngāti Hine, Ngāpuhi Nui Tonu , Ngāti Kura, Te Rarawa, Ngai Takoto, Ngāti Kahu, Te Aupouri and Ngāti Kuri.  

38+ years of Te Reo Māori Movement resilience  in Tai Tokerau starting from kore in substandard Kohanga Reo and kura buildings, equipped with determination and nil putea, our sites have delivered higher standards of education in Mātauranga Māori friendly environments. We have homegrown over 150 kaiako and require relevant teacher training courses in a local setting to keep up with the demand of increasing numbers of tamariki returning home.

High Performing Schools – no-one fails- students learn the principles of Te Aho Matua. There is good expertise within KKM Tai Tokerau who can provide good advice and tautoko with other KKM. 

  Hauora: KKM are auahikore, parakore, tarutaru /pi kore and Māori friendly.

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Ngā Toa o Pū Kōrero 2019- Te Rangi Aniwaniwa, Pukemiro, Te Rāwhitiroa

Te Kōtiu – Reality  28 years later , it is still tough in KKM Tai Tokerau.

  All KKM run on passion and drive and are self -sufficient from necessity .

  •  For sustainability we need a strategic plan that prepares for continuity past the Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 9.10.33 PMpioneers; succession, recruitment of quality kaiako and retention of staff.  
  •  Te Kōtiu support the growth of relevant kaiako Mātauranga Māori training providers – that recognise the imput and abilities  of kaiāwhina, kaiārahi and matanga reo who are willing to train on site within their kura to become quality kaiako. 
  • KKM  support Wānanga Māori to run  Reo and Tikanga programmes for whānau so the responsibility does not fall on kaiako kkm and teaching staff. 
  • KKM are kura spaces for children’s learning to be ready for Te Ao Māori in a modern setting. Tauira are not the kaumātua or kuia.  One of our tasks is to bring in youth advisors to teach tauira practical strategies to deal with stress , anxiety, disappointment and put downs in a teenage setting. 
  • Tamariki KKM are educated in substandard make do classrooms- for many years . Most Pakeha parents would not tolerate the conditions our tamariki put up with.

 Tumuaki KKM Tai Tokerau require many levels of support:

  • Responsibilities pile up and due to staffing shortage and  lack of relievers Tumuaki are often unable to attend hui, PLD and networking hui. 
  • Only 1Kawariki tohu Tumuaki KKM Tai Tokerau has ever gained a sabbatical leave or study award Ill health, stress  and anxiety amongst Tumuaki is high. Te Kōtiu recommend Tumuaki KKM Tai Tokerau are awarded 2 sabbatical positions each year to fill; and study leave every 4 years. Kaikohe KKM self funded a sabbatical hauora for their Tumuaki in2017.
  • In 6/7 wharekura, there is an absence of kaiako to deliver level 2-3 in the subjects of science, maths, information technology and phys ed.   
  • Tumuaki and staff become creative in curriculum delivery- however they do not have the support systems of  big schools where teachers are handed their teaching outlines and assessments. In kkm it can take up to 80 hours without interruption in an isolated space to write up one assessment. 
  • Some Wānanga Māori provide relevant programmes that we kkm could utilise; ie level 2-3 sports and fitness certificates; computing levels 2-3; but strict funding guidelines surrounding FTTes prevent KKM for signing up with Wānanga Māori to deliver within our kura. This is a potential win-win space for kkm and Wānanga Māori.
  • Te Kōtiu require time and space to co- design appropriate Mātauranga Māori programmes in a local setting- acknowledging contested histories in a positive manner, what is relevant in a modern setting for community wellbeing. 
  • PLD provision and Tumuaki guidance support is always needed for meeting compliance obligations and assisting in innovative practice .
  • At a national level equitable funding for Te Runanga Nui would enable them to advocate and secure programmes  on our behalf. 
  • At a local level funding Te Kōtiu will provide practical support on the ground for KKM Tumuaki that we don’t have, never have had and should have
  • Te Kōtiu Tira Tautoko 20-22 would enable the region to plan a plan of action for the sustainability of KKM within Tai Tokerau 2020-2040- 200 years post the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. 

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Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Te Tonga o Hokianga 

 KKM are staffed in many cases by raukura returning to Tai Tokerau who want to be responsible parents themselves. 

 ” The younger generation of kkm kaiako are wanting to spend time with their own tamariki. Emails turn off at 4.00pm; after hours mahi is restricted for family time; weekends are sacred; kaiako want to connect with their own hapu/wider whānau and kaiako will be available for set kura trips and events- but not every event. It is more possible to live up to some Māori expectations rather than all the responsibilities that can be shared by the wider Māori community. I support this trend of kaiako kkm practice as my own whānau remind me how much I gave for the greater good at their expense. “ 

  Kura Kaupapa Māori Tai Tokerau are inter-connected 

and inter-dependent for our survival

Kaikohe KKM.png

                                       Te KKM o Kaikohe- Tai Tokerau Festival 2018

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                       1400 from 38 wharekura expected at Wiki Hākinakina 2019 in  Te Hiku

Contract Proposal to Minister of Education

Nov 7, 2019:

Te Kōtiu recommend funding of He Tira Tautoko mō Te Kōtiu 2020-2022  to deliver the following outcomes to support the sustainability and improved curriculum of Kura Kaupapa Māori o Tai Tokerau.

Ngā Hua : Tai Tokerau Outcomes

te aho matuaKura Kaupapa Māori Education Pathway 2020-2040 He Rautaki 20 Tau – Consult and develop a 20 year strategic plan with other stakeholders of kura kaupapa Māori Tai Tokerau. To facilitate regional hui with Kohanga Reo , Puna Reo, ECE Reo Māori who actively send tauira to kura kaupapa Māori; Kura a Iwi, Wānanga Māori , local hauora, PTEs, ITOs, Iwi , youth and social services. 

  • How many new Kohanga Reo/ ECE Reo, Kura a Iwi,  kkm/ wharekura are expected to develop in Tai Tokerau by 2040? Identify institutional and local  obstacles to the development of new kkm .
  • What resourcing needs are required to lift and maintain a good standard of Reo and Tikanga in Tai Tokerau until 2040: staffing infrastructure, retention and skill levels, professional learning needs,  buildings, support services, whānau housing ?
  • Identify and integrate local Te Aho Matua curriculum needs to strengthen KKM Tai Tokerau;
  • Provide Mātauranga Māori research guidelines for mentoring 20 years of quality reo succession planning.

te aho matua Build Kotahitanga within KKM Tai Tokerau. 

Coordinate 2 whole inter kkm PLD Teacher only days per annum.  Te Kōtiu have committed to put aside 2 days in first 2 terms of each year. (Each kura will continue to tono for their own internal PLD needs).

  • Share good practice of Te Aho Matua curriculum, kura teina, NCEA high achievement  and robust hua ako;
  • Share assessment tools, financial planning, internal communication systems, sms programmes and systems to sustain high student  achievement in Tai Tokerau.
  • Enable Board chairpersons and members to meet twice a year to provide shared mentoring in relevant KKM hui.

te aho matuaManaakitanga – Tumuaki Support provide or source PLD support for new and experienced Tumuaki to meet local curriculum goals, annual plans, appraisals, self reviews, personnel policies, managing conflict, prepare for sabbaticals/ study leave. 

te aho matuaWānanga- Convene hui to plan and design integrated Mātauranga Māori Te Aho Matua programmes and curriculum appropriate & relevant for Tai Tokerau tauira ie Kaitiakitanga, Waka Navigation, Te Whakaputanga- Te Tiriti o Waitangi, Post Settlement ; Ngāpuhi Nui Tonu; Māori Enterprise with social and environmental responsibility, Marae Management  Responsibilities and Toi Auaha.

te aho matuaNoho Mātauranga – Coordinate noho and delivery of learning areas for some wharekura tauira to access core subjects and enriched learning that is not available within their kura staff:

    1. wananga noho for some wharekura to access subject delivery ie level 2-3 science, maths, Tikanga a Iwi, 
    2. Source funding to host 2 x Kura Reo a year for wharekura students; one for year 9-10 tauira; one for year 11-13.  

te aho matuaHui Tahi – Convene Te Kōtiu hui once a term to confirm common annual priorities for Tai Tokerau region; for planning and updating Tumuaki, Boards and senior managers on KKM responsibilities, compliances and  dealing with difficult issues proactively. 

te aho matuaWhai Tautoko Engage with MOE departments and other entities re new possible ventures that will assist in  supporting KKM Tumuaki, Boards , submissions, staff and whānau eg EBITE. 

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Te KKM o Whangaroa ki Te Roto o Manuwai

naringa o matariki

 Ngā Ringa o Matariki

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 11.05.05 AM

Te Ahuareka o Ngāti Hine 2019

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 9.36.03 PM.png


He Tira Tautoko mō Te Kōtiu 2020-2022

  te aho matua       Ngā Hua – Outcomes

1 strategy planning hui ia tau with followup with all stakeholders from Kohanga Reo- to Wānanga/ Kura Takiura, Iwi, social services & other.
2 x Kura Reo wharekura ia tau :Reo o te Kainga, Hītori o Te Kainga, Waiata, Raukura Tai TokerauY9-10: 100 tauira    Y11-13:70-80 tauira
Te Kōtiu Kaimahi  5.6 kaiako  positions +18 management units & 1 administrator.

  • 1 Kaiwhakahaere- oversees regional programme, works with Tumuaki KKM and other agencies to gain support for kkm Tai Tokerau initiatives. Provides quarterly reports and support for principal appraisals & Board Self Reviews. 1.Ftte + 3 mgt units
  • 1 Kaituitui PLD tautoko-annual plans, charter, curriculum targets and variance reports,kaiako appraisals & beginning teacher support. To coordinate & develop shared Te Aho Matua assessment tools. 1.Ftte + 3 mgt units
  • 1 maths teacher    deliver level 1-3 maths noho – 6 per term and establish online school  and homework lessons online eg Education Perfect. 1.Ftte + 3 mgt units
  • 1 science teacher deliver level 1-3 science noho- 6 per term and establish online homework programmes eg Education Perfect
  • 1 Mātauranga Māori  wharekura curriculum kaiwhakahaere- to co-design Reo Rangatira, Tikanga a Iwi, Hauora/ PE, Putaiao programmes relevent to KKM Tai Tokerau & to coordinate 2x Kura Reo pa 1.Ftte + 3 mgt units
  • .6 Strategic Planner – coordinates hui, feedback from stakeholders,  for planned education pathways for tauira from Kohanga Reo, ECE Reo Māori, bi-lingual intermediate schools  and Kura a Iwi. .6 Ftte & 3 mgt units
  • 1 admin support- to manage funding, it  and travel support $54,000
Tumuaki Sabbatical Leave 3x planned sabbatical leave pa . Long term- tumuaki have 8-10 weeks sabbatical with PLD
Budget – admin, travel, information technology support

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 9.46.52 PM

  Tau 6-8   Eke Ngaru Te Oneroa a Tohe 

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 11.08.22 AM.png

Digital app “Turikatuku” produced by Whangaroa KKM 2019

Kua kohia ēnei kōrero i ngā tau 3-4 kua hipa atu.  

Convenor Te Kōtiu H Halkyard-Harawira 7.11.2019 xx

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